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About this site:
About this site and its owner:

This site is now on a cheaper hosting provider than it was in the past. – At first this restricted me a lot in terms of function and content, before I got used to the new setup; but it also means that I’m now paying less per year than I previously was paying per month for the privilege of staking my claim to a piece of internet-real-estate.

In the past I challenged myself to come up with the most resourceful and functional site possible: That wasn’t the best of ideas under the circumstances; the only person to benefit from that was the freebie consumer. All those long hours of coding certainly didn’t make me any money. – In fact they cost me money in terms of time and effort. (And I’m still coding – adapting my previous theme for this site; plus writing pages and posts. – But I’m doing it, NOT more cheaply as in terms of quality, but cheapER- at less expense – as in terms of monetary value.)

So now I’ve switched to a web-host that costs me less to host my site, and makes it less possible for me to follow my nature and geek-out 24/7 – with the result of creating another monster money-sinkhole.

It’s not a case of not having the money for it; rather it’s a case of not wasting the money on it.

I had a friend who showed off her new £500 watch that she’d just bought. I said: –
“Congratulations on another step towards bankruptcy: If you wanted to throw money away; why didn’t you throw it in my direction?”

“I have a watch too. My watch does exactly the same thing that yours does: It tells the time. The difference is that my watch only cost me £15; so I get to know what the time is anywhere in this time-zone, and I have £485 spare. – Whereas you have the time and the place, but not the money.”

What’s in it for you?

You get information from Idol; and there’s got to be something here that you like because you’re reading this page.

This may be a simpler site, but it’s not become merely a hobby-blog. I’ll still be announcing savings, offers, and selling things at times from here too. I’m an internet marketer as well as a geek and an entertainer + train enthusiast; so it’s in my nature to do so. – But if I’m not selling anything at any particular time there will always be something here, as opposed to nothing. If you’re looking for new and dramatic revelations every time you view the site then I’m afraid you’re at the wrong URL; but I’ll probably be announcing and linking most of if not all of my postings on social media anyway – so keep your eyes peeled.

I’m looking for something new: I’m looking for a new way of doing things that brings better results; both in terms of my output, and also in terms of the way I go about everything: From creating and designing, songwriting, artistry and geekery – through to marketing, entertaining and serving people with my products and offers – and more.

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* Now the Boring Bit:
– More About Me – Sharron-Idol..

Hello. I’m Sharron-Idol, and I’m
currently an entertainer and tech-geek; or should that read “tech geek and
entertainer”? – ‘Either or both.

As far as music & entertainments goes… Well to cut a long story short I don’t have much of a story to tell; I don’t come from a musical family, and neither was I any kind of musical child-prodigy.

I was a kind of technical child-prodigy in a way: Well I could draw an astable multivibrator in circuit diagrammatic format, pick out the components to build it, map out the component-positioning on a piece of Veroboard, assemble, build, and test it – at age 8. The result of that was my family getting a bee in their bonnet that I was going to become an electronics engineer, + the resulting aggro when I tried to go with the arts rather than engineering.

My family that I grew up with could be described as dysfunctional. verging on insane perhaps – but nothing masterfully musical, other than possibly my mother, who seemed to be somewhat of a Hyacinth Bucket-type character – composing little tunes a couple of times in years gone by during my childhood.

Born to be a Geek

As for my technical leanings – well to maybe help you to understand me, I’ll use the term “born to do it”. – I remember being pushed in my pram by my grandmother while I “connected” a battery to it to see if it would go faster.

But I didn’t write this page to bore you with my life-history. I may include some of my life history in my dialogue, and I do hope you’ll forgive me for dwelling upon myself and my inflated ego.

While I was in my teens, and at school, my control-freak family had decided in the 1970s, based upon information gathered during the 1950s, that a certain school would be an ideal place for me to excel in the technical field that they had decided that I would work in, and that I should gain qualifications to that end.

I wasn’t particularly taken by the school, but technical things were a passion of mine, and something that I showed a natural talent for. The thing was that the school chosen for me by my family didn’t actually teach electronic engineering, despite my flying-in-the-face-of-fact family’s continued insistence that it did.

– So I taught myself about technical things, including electronic engineering, which led on into scientific things, including physics, and particle physics, and the universe, and cosmology, and all that kind of thing.

At the same time I was, by Age 16, a follower of the New Romantic scene, and desperately wanted to be a pop-star, as well as an engineer.


Now you may think that being a pop-star and electronic engineering are like chalk and cheese; and to some extent you’d be right. – But you’d also be totally wrong with regard to many aspects of both trades.

I have a dual-nature: I am naturally drawn to technology and things technical. I am logical, methodical, cold and sterile. – The stereotypical engineer-type… Yet on the flipside I’m artistic, an entertainer, and drawn towards the performing arts, adventurous and creative, with an inbuilt naughty-streak.

These two, almost opposite, aspects of who I am pull me both ways. – The battle is constant and intense. I can never be a totally devoted technician or engineer, nor can I ever be a totally devoted artist or performer… But what I can do is to vent both aspects in equal measure; and in doing so I gain my Unique Selling Point ( USP ); as a tech-geek/entertainer.

I bring two vastly different, yet surprisingly multiply
overlapping, worlds together.


In the early 1980s next to nobody had heard of the internet; and it was a huge struggle to become either a pop-star or an engineer. I wanted to be both; and so I built my own equipment and used it to perform.

As I continued on my journey through life I began to see more and more how technology, science, and engineering, were closely related to acoustics, the arts, performing, and music.

Torn Two Ways

To cut a long story short I eventually became an electronics technician. – I didn’t even make it to engineer, and the reason for that was to some extent because the artistic aspect of me was doing its best to drag me away from that and back into my artistic calling as an entertainer.

I dabbled in sales and offline-trading at times too: You’d often find me working or running a market or boot-sale stall, and I also entered the world of home improvement sales in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Eventually, having started up a white-box computer-building and repair business in 2003; which went to the wall in the big crash of 2008 without really making a profit, I decided that the internet was a perfect place to express myself to the full.

(My “old website” at kkomp dot com – ‘short for Kustom Komputa – was going to be where I would have the company’s website.)

In At The Deep End

I was a tech-geek with technical experience. I was also a repressed natural artist, with very little if any artistic experience.

I threw myself in at the deep end: I repressed my educated and experienced technical side and opened my inexperienced artistic side to the world.

Despite this I found it almost impossible to repress the tech side of me; no matter how desperately I wanted to be an artist/performer/singer/songwriter. Once again I couldn’t give 101% to a single profession… But I found that, if I combined the two sides of me, I could not only find an outlet for full expression but I could also find and utilise a great USP.

Forward to The Present

( That title is so the opposite of ‘Back To The Future’. )

And so these days you’ll find me geeking-out, sometimes building or wiring up equipment, maybe creating something audible or technical or both: perhaps involving writing songs, singing, producing tracks using a Windows-operated computer; at which I’ve become a bit of a boffin.

I create music, I create websites; I create content for your
– I am the ultimate technotainer.

I didn’t choose the stage-name Sharron-Idol because I want your worship. – I’m not that kind of idol: Your acknowledgment, acceptance, fandom, and some of your money will suffice. – But to get that I have to earn it, and I will do my very best to do so.

I hope that what I produce brings you that little bit extra in the way of entertainment, and that it contributes to your overall happiness and contentedness.

I am, after all, your servant: I work for you; if you’ll accept my products.

I am in your hands; and you can accept or reject me as you will.

Your entertainer/technotainer

Sharron-Idol. X

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