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Hello. – This site has, up to now been under construction. There was a lot to be done, and there’s still a fair bit needs doing. The main part of the theme recoding is as good as done now; but there’s still more to be done: It was a huge theme from a rather sophisticated website. – It’s an ongoing process.

This time round the site will be smaller; despite using an adaptation of the old theme: It costs too much to maintain a huge site, and to prevent things escalating I’ve hired limited webspace to prevent my creative juices getting beyond control.

Oh I made a huge goof on this website already; but I got away with it.. You see everyone thinks that I’m producing another shitty website that’s always under development and improvement, (And yes I haven’t quite finished rebuilding things yet.) and therefore looks a mess in many places and isn’t worth visiting.. But hopefully they’re going to be wrong this time; ‘see I’m not making any money from fiddling about with improving my website all year, no matter how good I think I am at it. Also nobody’s bothering to visit my website-in-development – because they expect a mess, and undeveloped site.

..So nobody saw that I’d reactivated the posts-header template without changing the logo from buggerallon.tv to idoltime uk. You keyboard warriors missed out. – Your loss.
‘Too late now; I’ve sorted it.

Meanwhile I’m doing my very best to get this site up and running without it being ruined by multiple instances of my geekery disrupting it. I still have a round of checks to do; but I’ve pretty much finished improving/adapting the theme and loading plugins. It’ll soon be time to add some valuable content to it.

And on the 2nd edit of this article on February 27th 2023, I can report that the ongoing process and site evolution are both continuing. – The site has content and is up and running.



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