How To Launch A New Entertainers’ Website

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Herein is an effective way to launch a new entertainers’ website?

Why do many entertainers stay penniless despite producing some good material? One of the reasons is that they don’t conduct their creative operation as a business: Despite it being their main source of income; they do it with too much emphasis on doing it for pleasure, rather than with the overall aim of making money by doing it.

Nobody is even suggesting that an artist shouldn’t derive pleasure from their creations; but a canny artist who wants to survive by means of their productions can’t just randomly drift from day to day – hoping for their big break, fame, and fortune, to come along today as if by magic. – It simply won’t happen in most cases, – particularly in today’s economic climate.

Following the advice contained in this article doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make it and become an overnight sensation. – But not following any of this advice will help you on the road to bankruptcy.

* In this article I recommend SiteGround as a web host: SiteGround are indeed a good web-host, and their plans are a good budget idea to use for the first year. – However; having used SiteGround myself continuously over a period of a number of years, I found that they were rather expensive for the standard of service that they were providing. – I eventually switched to a much cheaper host who offer a similar service at a reduced cost. Your experience may vary.

There are also references to buggerallon dot tv and AWeber: The former was my old website; now discontinued, and the latter is a company that you may find useful, but who I don’t currently use at time of writing.

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How To Launch A New Entertainer's Website (2016 Edition).

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