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* ~ Welcome to the website where it's all good. ~ *

The object of this start page is to orientate you with this site and to get you started by helping you to find your way around.

A year or so ago I was stating that “The problem with that, right at the moment, is that the site has only just been built; and apart from the menu buttons there’s basically bugger all here at time of writing.”.

Fortunately, now, there is some content on the site, which gives this page a function other than being a page which is only used to prevent you from getting a 404 error when you click the ‘Get Started’ button on the menu.

The fastest way to find anything on this site is to go to the Sitemap.

You’ll find links to the sitemap from the Welcome page, as well as on this page too.

The sitemap used on this site is integrated into the theme itself.

* If you know in advance which article it is that you want to look at, or even if you’d just like to browse a linked list of what’s on
offer, the Sitemap is the place for you.

This site has been scaled back a lot from what it was in its last incarnation of ‘Bugger All on dot TV’ from 2015 to February 2022: It was a massive cash-sink-hole that I’d created – partly because I was still using SiteGround as a webhost – which barely paid for itself on a good day; and the only beneficiaries of which, other than a few small-deal customers, were people who browse the web as a profession, and freeloaders.

Miracles have a distinct tendency to never happen; so don’t expect any. Do check back from time to time, though, to see what’s new and how things are shaping up. Content is being added slowly, even though it’s not been at the pace that I’d originally intended.


* Some good advice: –

Never waste your time trying to make everybody happy. Some people are so busy making themselves unhappy that it is a waste of your time to try to fight them on it.

– David Risley
(Advanced Online-Marketing Strategies Coach)



OK – here we go then; let’s start to
orientate you with this site, so that you can get the best out of your visit: –

  • A great place to get started is where you are now; the Start page,

    logically: This page says a little about the website, and also gives something of an insight into Sharron-Idol, herself, and her ideas for this site.


  • The About page tells you more about the site..

    ..As well as some more about Sharron-Idol. In fact the About page tells you a lot – well it will do eventually – so I see no reason to repeat it all on this page.


  • Further to this there is also a Blog page;

    The blog page lists blog posts; but not just as a list of titles, nor as a sequential full-listing: Instead it lists the clickable headers of blog posts plus an excerpt of the relevant post in a 5-to-a-page listing. – Keeping it neat & tidy is the name of the game here.


  • Finally: –

    ..And, lastly, there are also pages; 24 of which have already been added at time of last revision.




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